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Health Sciences
  • Course Description

         Health Sciences (Core) is a pathway of courses for students in the Health Sciences career cluster. The Health Sciences (Core) pathway includes classroom and hands-on experiences that will provide students with an overview of the health-care field, as outlined according to the Health Science Cluster in the National Career Clusters Framework and the National Consortium on Health Science Education (NCHSE), as well as begin to prepare students for careers in occupations predicted to have a high number of available jobs in the next 10 years, including careers in nursing services (registered nurse, nurse aide, practical nurse, home health aide), therapeutic services (sports medicine, athletic trainer, dietitian, respiratory therapy), diagnostic services (radiologist, phlebotomist, radiologic tech, sonographer, CT technology, medical lab technician), health informatics (health information technician, medical coder), veterinary services, medical services (optometrists, medical assistants), emergency services, rehabilitative services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy) counselors, pharmacists, mental health services (psychologists).

         This program includes a minimum of 100 hours of clinical-type experience to be obtained by the program’s completion. It is recommended to spread these hours out among the length of the program. This clinical-type experience can include: tours of health-care facilities, guest speakers, participation in health fairs or community service, laboratory practice, demonstration in the classroom, and observation or job shadowing experiences in medical facilities.  It is recommended that students complete Health Sciences (Core) with a grade of C or higher in classwork to advance to the next level. Upon completion of the course, students also receive 2 Science credits and a weighted grade of 1.10.

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