We are an MDE "A" Rated School
  • GCHS Student Council
  • Red Cords for Graduation
     If you are a senior and have volunteered or donated blood at least three times your senior year, you may be eligible to earn a red cord for graduation.  Please visit the front office for a handout with more information.  
  • Scholarships
     The Student Council is offering scholarships to seniors that meet certain qualifications.  Applications are in the front office and in the link below.  

    The Student Council is proud to also give out one American Red Cross Senior Scholarship, which is new to our school.  Applications for this scholarship are in the front office and the link below. 

    Students must fill out separate applications for each scholarship.  

  • Student Council Scholarship Application
    Click here for the Student Council scholarship application
  • Red Cross Scholarship Application
    Click here for the Red Cross Scholarship Application
  • 2017-2018 Members

    Eva LeBert 
    [email protected]


    Mary Hulbert

    Samantha Burkett

    Kailey Holland

    Morgan Miller

    Riah Waguespack

    Kody McRaney

    Francisco Mills

    Jack Slay

    Ashton Williams

    Courtney Wilkerson


    Peri Davis

    Tori Havens

    Madison Hultz

    Susie LeBert

    Carly Pope


    Kamdyn Fairley

    Thomas Havard

    Laney Hulbert

    Timothy Miller

    Breanna Stansberry